Pegaso Broadband is a wholesale local and long distance nationwide calling service with competitive low rates. By using the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Pegaso Broadband can lower the cost of telephone service and simplify budgeting.

Any of Pegaso Broadband Authorized Agents are able to sell and service all of a customer's sites, regardless of the location and number of customer sites, because the service is unregulated. Organizations with multiple locations can obtain a single bill for all their facilities while preserving their relationship with a responsive local source.

The bandwidth necessary to make calls does not count against a customer's Fair Access Policy's (FAP) allowance. The advantage for your business is that BroadVoice will never impact your data rates or surfing experience!

The Pegaso Broadband VoIP Advantage:

Flexibility Compatible with existing phone systems as well as the emerging IP phones of the future.
Local Number Portability (LNP) Allows customers to retain their existing telephone numbers. Local numbers are available in the US and Mexico.
Cost-Effective Costs less per call. No special telephones are required.
Available Access anywhere there is a Broadband connection!
Powerful Capabilities include comprehensive local and long distance calling with advanced features and services.
Scalability Utilize from 1 to 24 lines of VoIP over a single satellite terminal.