Pegaso Broadband has the right products and services for your Enterprise class business!

Pegaso Broadband Enterprise Services includes several products that integrate a whole solution to your business needs:

Affordability Competitive prices for high quality broadband connection and services.
Reliability Thanks to our strategic alliances with INTELSAT and the support of one of the most advanced and safest HUBs in the world, we can provide connections that are up to 99.58% reliable.
Security With Virtual Private Networks you can establish dedicated and encrypted connections insulated from exterior attack. In addition you can configure a fully-firewalled Internet access.
VPN capability Anywhere you are, you can safely access to your VPN with no need on touching Internet, this can assure you fully privacy and safety.
BGP compatible Pegaso Broadband can work with your business to provide a BGP overlay.
Regulatory Compliance Compliant with HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FFIEC and other federal mandates.
Bandwidths up to 5Mbps x 768Mbps You can choose the best connection according to your needs from within a connection wide speed range.
"Toll Quality"
VoIP Service
You can fully integrate a high quality VoIP service that compliments your communications service package. Pegaso has the ability to accommodate up to 24 lines of VoIP over a single terminal, without sacrificing quality.

Pegaso Broadband provides secure transmission for point-to-point virtual private networks by using dedicated satellite connections and strong encryption. By eliminating the use of shared or public lines, Pegaso Broadband also protects against network congestion and many sources of service interruption.