Pegaso Broadband satellite networking service provides encrypted, high-speed, two-way satellite broadband connections-without ever using a shared or public line. Pegaso's satellite broadband is cost-effective; point-to-point networking that opens up new solutions for modern business communications.

The ability to actually deliver more than satisfactory bandwidth and its availability are the major attraction of Pegaso Broadband service. Not only is it geographically accessible practically anywhere, but it can be sold and serviced by Pegaso Broadband's local partners without being restricted by traditional service areas. For example, a company with many locations can obtain Pegaso Broadband's service for all its locations from a single source local to its headquarters.

Pegaso Broadband is the solution for home as well. Pegaso's ability to deliver the bandwidth in a cost effective manner makes it the perfect solution for residential users. Additionally; because of VPN and VoIP compatibility, Pegaso is the perfect solution for Telecommuters.

Key Advantages

Fast Broadband network connections that can rival T1, DSL and cable speeds.
Reliable A private, dedicated broadband network built for data.
Secure Virtual Private Networking (VPN) that's encrypted, dedicated, and insulated from exterior attack. Safer fully-firewalled Internet access.
Regulatory Compliance Compliant with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FFIEC, and other federal mandates.
Efficient Pegaso's satellite broadband eliminates the need for separate protective equipment and services at multiple locations by securing the entire network.
Available A cost-effective option for anyone in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and the Southern half of the U.S. with a clear view of the southern sky
Compatibility Pegaso's satellite broadband is both VoIP and VPN compatible.